Napanee Chiropractic


Dr. Mundle has proudly served Greater Napanee residents since 2001.  Using proven traditional and advanced therapeutic techniques, he has helped thousands of patients recover from a wide variety of injuries and conditions … MORE THAN JUST BACKS!

At the Napanee Chiropractic Care Centre, you will never be hassled to come back for long-term wellness care.  Our job is to fix your condition to the best of our abilities, then let you live your life.  If we ask you to return for a series of treatments, you need them!  We may suggest that you return periodically for a tune-up, to minimize the chance of significant injuries, but we will never pressure you into any plan, nor would we pre-charge for a series of treatments.

We accept private cases, Veterans Affairs, workplace injury and automobile insurance claims.  No referrals are required.